TyreSmart brings to its customers a new level of technology and diagnostics to tyre fitting.

Our service is  based around state of the art equipment and over 70 years of  specialist tyre knowledge and experience.

The TyreSmart Difference

  • Latest technology in tyre service equipment
  • Leverless Tyre Fitting
  • Wheelcare Guarantee
  • Diagnostic balance is much more than just wheel balance
  • Flush mount In-floor hoists for lowered vehicles
  • 3D imaging wheel alignment
  • Specialised wheel alignment clamps with non metal contact with wheels
  • Dual inflation bead seating
  • Nitrogen inflation
  • Dry air
  • Fitting Services for online shoppers
  • Delivery address for online shoppers
  • You can shop with us or shop online we’re here to service you
  • Secure indoor parking

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