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Fitting a tyre can be a difficult task, but to fit a tyre with the correct equipment and technical skills to achieve the best possible fit is what TyreSmart offers with every tyre.

MasterCode Tyre Fitting Service

TyreSmart uses the latest and most advanced Corghi MasterCode fully automatic tyre fitting machine it removes and fits the tyre with its laser wheel dimension acquisition and automatic tool positioning systems, all to ensure the highest fitting precision and protection for the rim.

For the smoothest, vibration-free ride possible, TyreSmart’s RoadForce Diagnostic balancer features a loaded roller which applies 600kg of force onto the tyre to simulate real road conditions. Even with brand new tyres and wheels there can be issues with balance that can cause vibration and lead to uneven wear of your tyres. RoadForce Diagnostic Balance will detect balance anomalies that can cause vibration and uneven wear of your tyres that a standard balancer cannot detect, and can determine the best position of the tyre on the rim so you know your tyres and wheels will be in perfect harmony and vibration free on the road.
We all want our tyres to wear evenly for maximum performance and tread life, at TyreSmart this is achieved on the Hawkeye Elite Premium alignment system. High-resolution cameras and steering reset integration ensures the most precise wheel alignment, whilst unique wheel clamp design prevents any harmful contact with your rims.
In an environmentally aware society Tyresmart knows the importance of disposing of end of life tyres in a clean and safe manner. Our tyre disposal system minimises the impact on the environment.
Nitrogen is a denser gas than standard compressed air, which provides better air pressure, giving you longer tyre life and better temperature stability for handling. Nitrogen is also inert, non combustible and non corrosive. Oxygen on the other hand, is destructive to rubber and other tyre materials due to oxidation. So the more oxygen is replaced with nitrogen, the less oxidation and moisture. That in turn, helps to reduce wheel corrosion and tyre structural integrity degradation.
Nitrogen retains pressure 3-4 times longer than air.
Approximately 70% of the motorists don’t regularly check air pressures.
The air we breathe is made up of 78% nitrogen, 21% oxygen and 1% other gases, to achieve the benefits of Nitrogen inflation in tyres, it must be in excess of 95% purity.
Our Nitrogen inflation system uses dual purging to achieve and exceed the minimum of 95% purity. Firstly your tyres are completely deflated, and then reinflated using nitrogen. There will still be residual oxygen in the tyre after the first inflation, so the tyre is again deflated to purge any remaining oxygen, and inflated again with nitrogen.
TyreSmart offers free 12 month top up!