What is Leverless Tyre Fitting?

If you are worried about keeping your wheel damage free, then TyreSmart’s Leverless Tyre Fitting system will ensure absolutely no contact is made between the tyre fitting machine and your wheel rim by levers. So you can enjoy peace of mind that your wheels will not be damaged by old fashioned equipment or careless operators. View a demonstration of the Leverless Tyre Fitting machine in action here .

What is Leverless Wheelcare guarantee?

Leverless Wheelcare is our guarantee that your wheels will not be damaged during the fitting process. Special care is taken in every step of our fitting, balancing and alignment service.

What is Nitrogen inflation and its benefits?

Nitrogen is a denser gas than standard compressed air, which provides better air pressure, giving you longer tyre life and better temperature stability for handling. Nitrogen is also inert, non combustible and non corrosive. Oxygen on the other hand, is destructive to rubber and other tyre materials due to oxidation. So the more oxygen is replaced with nitrogen, the less oxidation and moisture. That in turn, helps to reduce wheel corrosion and tyre structural integrity degradation.

  • Nitrogen retains pressure 3-4 times longer than air.
  • Approximately 70% of the motorists don’t regularly check air pressures.
  • The air we breathe is made up of 78% nitrogen, 21% oxygen and 1% other gases, to achieve the benefits of Nitrogen inflation in tyres, it must be in excess of 95% purity.

Our Nitrogen inflation system uses dual purging to achieve and exceed the minimum of 95% purity. Firstly your tyres are completely deflated, and then reinflated using nitrogen. There will still be residual oxygen in the tyre after the first inflation, so the tyre is again deflated to purge any remaining oxygen, and inflated again with nitrogen. TyreSmart offers free 12 month top up!

What is Diagnostic Balance?

Even with brand new tyres and wheels there can be issues with balance that can cause vibration and lead to uneven wear of your tyres. Diagnostic Balance will detect balance anomalies that can cause vibration and uneven wear of your tyres that a standard balancer cannot detect, and can determine the best position of the tyre on the rim so you know your tyres and wheels will be in perfect harmony and vibration free on the road.

What is Dual inflation?

TyresSmart employs dual inflation technique during the fitting process to more accurately seat the tyre beads to your rim. Additionally TyreSmart uses a refrigerated air dryer to reduce moisture in the air during inflation.

What is Road Force Variation testing?

Road Force Variation testing will apply a load of over 600kg on the tyre, this will simulate the load experienced on the road when driving whilst the tyre is being balanced. The resultant data we get from this gives the tyre technician precise readings to ensure you the most accurate balance. For the technically minded we can determine:

  • Radial Run Out
  • Lateral Run Out
  • Conicity
  • Tread Ply Pull

If I purchase the tyres from an online store, will TyreSmart fit them?

Yes, we are happy to fit them for you. On top of that, TyreSmart offer a delivery address for your on-line purchase, so your tyres/wheels are delivered direct to our workshop where they will be fitted. No cramming tyres into your boot or back seat, Just TyreSmart convenience! We will also take care of your old tyres for disposal.

What is Flush mount In-Floor hoist?

All hoists used at TyreSmart are mounted flush at ground level, meaning even the lowest vehicles can drive straight on.

What is Wheel Alignment check?

Why pay top dollar for a wheel alignment check, TyreSmart will check you vehicle’s alignment using the latest 3D wheel alignment technology for just $30.

Does TyreSmart have specialised wheel alignment clamps with non metal contact with wheels?

Yes, to ensure no damage to your wheels, our wheel alignment clamps does not have any metal parts that come in contact with your wheels.